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——Global Bridge

Zhang Canhui, the chief designer of the Foshan GlobalBridge Building Material Co.Ltd, has been engaged in the mosaic design industry for more than 16 years.
Designer Zhang has to take participate in the following works:
Beijing 2008 Birds Nest Mosaic Area Design and Construction
Beijing Subway Line 7, Line 14, Line 15, Changping Line and other mosaic mural design and construction
Liaoning Perlman hotel etc.

Project Support And Protection

GlobalBridge provides our clients with product recommendation and engineering support for projects.
GlobalBridge protects the customer's project offer when the customer and project information is available and eligible.


《Flower Tree》
Mosaics decorate sculptures

《Green Changping》

—Beijing Subway Changping Line Beishao Station Mosaic Art Murals

《Moon Flask》
Mosaics decorate sculptures

《Fantasy And Paradise》

—Beijing Subway Line No.14 Fangzhuang Station Mosaic Art Murals

《Olympic China Dream》
Beijing Subway Line 15 Olympic Sports Center Station Mosaic Art Murals

《Memory Of The Pu Huangyu》

—Beijing Subway Line 14 Pu Huangyu Station Mosaic Art Murals

Swimming Pool

GlobalBridge provides a complete set of solutions. All parts of the pool structure are considered.

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Create Engineering Value
Global Bridge creates value for the engineering of customers around the world.
Whether it is a hotel, subway exhibition, swimming pool project, etc.

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